what remains


Empty moving boxes cut through and flattened out are still unmistakable moving boxes; the handle holes are  distinctive. In a curtain made of hardware one recognizes little things like bolds, keys and  nails that remind us of the rooms in which we used to live and work.

These small shiny things form a gaze filling vertical surface that, visually, connect the cardboard objects to the installations made by the other artists. It relates to the specifics of the hall as well, in an understated way.


With traditional performances from the previous century in mind, at the opening event the 5 artists performed a short act. They were dressed in black. Each held a list of addresses were they had lived since birth. Taking turns, each read an address aloud in a monotone voice, the last address being: Kunsthal 45, Den Helder. One of the artists had moved so often in her life that she had to finish the last 7 addresses by herself. After she too had spoken the words ‘Kunsthal 45,Den Helder’, all lowered their sheet of paper revealing different texts on their t-shirts: On the Move, Move Over, etc.

SetNet Common Ground: a collaborate Site Specific project at the Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder (NL).

SetNet is an artists collective working in different locations.For each project the members decide whether to join in.

In August 2022 5 members work in the artists-run space Kunsthal 45 with the theme “Moving House”.Because they have to find a way to work together and combine their installations they name the project: SetNet#Common Ground.