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constant in gedachte

Constant in gedachte 2016 – Constant in mind 2016
With similar materials with which Constant Nieuwenhuys constructed models for a new city and a utopian world, this hanging installation was made for the exhibition “The New City”.
The exhibition was a collaboration with the artists of the artists’ initiative “Fenix” in the last months before the demolition of their studios.  A new housing project has since been built in this area of Amsterdam.

Constant Nieuwenhuys § New Babylon
New Babylon is an anti-capitalist city perceived and designed in 1959-74 as a future potentiality by visual artist Constant Nieuwenhuys. 

Constant’s New Babylon was to be a series of linked transformable structures, some of which were themselves the size of a small city; what architects call a megastructure. Perched above ground, Constant’s megastructures would literally leave the bourgeois metropolis below and would be populated by homo ludens–man at play.
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