sway and cable tray

Sway and Cable Tray – installation (2024) found material

Boring…But Exciting

De Vishal Haarlem invited artist group POUBELLE to create an exhibition during and after the Haarlem Boring Festival in Januari 2024.
The artists oppose the uninhibited buying of new stuff. With their artworks made from what they find in the thrift shop, on the street or in the trash, they show that you can work with those discarded materials without losing aesthetic quality.

The installation Sway was sniffed, licked and dismantled by Petra van Aken and group during an performance afternoon.


Boring…But Excited was curated and organized by Lisbeth Parisius and Mirjam Berloth.

Paricipants: Akmar, Anne-Wil Lufting, HF van Steensel, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Joanneke Meester, Lisbeth Parisius, Pannas &Tulip, Petra van Aken, Porter Ellerman, Ronald de Ceuster, Tild Greene and Ton Zwerver