The exhibition at WG Kunst project space was curated by Lisbeth Parisius and Mirjam Berloth.

The waste bin, packaging, rubbish from the street: artists often use materials that have been thrown away. 
They make art from these discarded items for a variety of reasons. It may be that a found object has qualities that intrigue the artist. A pre-used item is not a ‘blank canvas’: it has its own history; it has already acquired meaning.
Such materials by itself may well be the artwork when presented as art.
Working with pre-used resources may also be an act of resistance: a refusal to squander brand new materials, a protest against the large sums of money involved in the art market.
Whatever the artist’s motivation, he or she is following in others’ footsteps: Fluxus, Zero, Arte Povera. This last group frequently destroyed their work after the exhibition was over.

Lisbeth Parisius and Mirjam Berloth invited 6 artists to join them in a short exhibition of different approaches to working with waste materials: Joanneke Meester, Just Yvette (D), Philipp Donald Göbel (D), Harm Hajonides, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Rob Vollewens.


Works on show: RibbelRibbel in various sizes and 49 blocks, cardboard (wrappers) glued to wood, impregnated with casein.
The bigger piece: Corrugated, 80 x 80 cm, made from cardboard (wrappers) glued to board, impregnated with casein, mounted to a wooden frame.