inner light


Inner light – site specific installation (2023) Perspex

You cannot look out through the rhythmically placed windows in The Art Chapel; their function is that of letting light in.

Using pieces of white perspex, leftover material from a commission in 1996, the light is brought inside in a literal way, drawing attention to the colour of the light that is sometimes blue and sometimes more yellow. one square piece was placed in the centre.

POUBELLE s e r e e n  was curated and organized by Lisbeth Parisius and Mirjam Berloth. Other artists participating:
H.F. van Steensel, Just Yvette, Joanneke Meester, Katrin Korfmann, Marjolein Knottenbelt, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Philipp Donald Göbel, Harm Hajonides, Mark Kramer, Ton Zwerver.

The Art Chappel (1959) is situated in a city park in Amsterdam. It was built from concrete in the shape of a disc and has been vacant since 1998.