Imbalance -An attempt to open a barrier with paint (2021) Wood, metal, jars of paint
A barrier is a pole that is out of balance. It is used to keep people out. To open it, a heavy counterweight is needed. Jars of paint, the colors of the Cranach painting, make it easy to move the barrier in all directions.

Women artists still get less exposure than their male colleagues.
Marja van Putten En Astrid Moors (in collaboration with White Cube) are setting things right with 50 -50 Lady Justice.
16 women artists invited a male (or non-binary person) artist to create a new work with the painting by Cranach as a starting point

I invited Jean-Philippe Paumier (1980, France). He has a long time fondness for the medieval paintings by Lucas Cranach The Elder and, like me, was very much interested in depicting the idea of balance.

Jean-Philippe created a new sculpture especially for the Lady Justice theme: Fair and Square (2021). It consists of a walking stick for the blind, a copper scale and two molars (‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’). 

Paumiers’ sculptures and installations are made of combined consumer products and could historically be placed in line with Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades. In his assemblages Paumier reveals the hidden conceptual and aesthetic qualities of the found objects.