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c u r r e n t l y  i n  t h e  s t u d i o

Studio in WWPT


Neck of the Woods Rotterdam

In the new temporary studio, I found not only blocks of wood (from which I made Layers) but also piles of boards and slats. Without cutting them to size, I made them into panelling especially for this space. An application that makes an interior look more classic and homely.

I’m also showing Broom and  Layers, a series of wall sculptures made from found pieces of wood. The front of each sculpture is painted in multiple layers, with the final layer being black, blue or red. A glossy varnish is applied to finish the front of the sculpture.

The idea for this work came about when I was in a museum and became interested in the sides of paintings. These sides reveal the many ideas and attempts that are hidden under the last layer of paint and varnish. They reveal the creative process.

Neck of The Woods is located in a vast space with concrete floors and walls. Brutal Utilism is about ‘revealing the material and questioning the way it is used. It is an honest display of what it entails and which materials it contains. Art and architecture: a brutal and logical marriage’.

The Blue of Longing  -Layers (blue) – this sculpture was one of the artworks at the annual  group show at De Vishal Haarlem.  until 5 november 2023